Procession de Lacoste is a parade of 35 puppets made to honor the  culture and caracters of the provençal village–Lacoste.  The parade  originally took place summer of 2016 in Lacoste, and since has traveled  to Atlanta and Savannah Georgia, and even Hong Kong.    2016
The Joggers
 There is so much attention drawn to sociopaths and narcissists on the  news and in media that the everyday heroes–teachers, doctors,  servicemen and women–go unnoticed.   everyman  pays homage to these  people and allows for them to be in the spotlight.  The puppet is no  more than a common person attending a gallery show and interacting  with other viewers as anyone would.    2015  36" x 12" x 5"   
  The Taxidermist is a commentary on an unstable character that lives in the     basement of his parents house.  When a family member of his passes away his     coping method is to stuff them and put them on his wall.  His physical appearance    is atrocious but all he has are good intentions and love in his heart.   2012   60” x 48” x 54”
  The Ugly-Thing was created for Adam Nelsons film  Where the Mangos Grow.  The Ugly-    Thing is a folklore creature that lives in the forrest surrounding a small commune     called the Lantern.  It is eventually realized that the Ugly-Thing is just a ploy to keep     the villagers in check.  Until the main character encounters the Ugly-Thing and     discovers the myth is real.      2013    8” x 8” x 27”
  Created for the 2015 Herradura Tequila Barrel Art     Exhibit, this work pays homage to the craftsmen and    women that invest their passion and artistry into the     making of Herradurra tequila.  From the jimador to     the bottler, the tequila represents a culture of working     people dedicated to the craft.  And with that  Jimador       and the     Barrel  is dedicated to those people for     spreading Mexican culture through their art.    2014    35” x 36” x 46” (18’ in motion)
  I have always admired paintings where the paint breaks into the third dimension–I     guess it is the sculptor in me that craves for three dimensional work. In an attempt of     make a painting I came up with  Expressionism –being entirely made of paint, this is a     sculptors take on painting.    2014    72” x 48” x 24”