With the surge of the automotive presence in American culture road trips  became a symbol of the United States.  Still most Americans take road trips as family  vacations, traveling the great American highways.  This installation is honoring that  symbol and also honoring Lasseter's family car and all the road trips he and his family  took in it.  The work allows for viewers to relate to what they interact with on a  personal level as they sit in the packed car and reminisce on their personal trips.    2014  205” x 73” x 70”
  Today the word covert is being used at an all time high–a word that means unknown or     unnoticed–has become a commonly used word. On the other hand the use of the word     overt has dropped since the 70s. To play on this idea I represent the meaning of the     word trough visuals and the locution of the word through audible cues.  Since the    word covert means unknown but we uses it more than ever, the spectator hears the     word “covert” but unable to see any signs of the source. Overt–meaning unconcealed–    takes physical form in the center of the room on a pedestal with spotlights fixed on it     while having no audible presence.    2014    14” x 14” x 45”
  Constellations  is an installation that is playing on the power of a title.  In the  making of these pictures I was trying to make them look bland and painfully  ordinary so that as the view walks along the wall the breeze by the work.   Until they reach the tags, which in the material reads “constellations taken  from Morgan Freeman’s freckles.”  At that point the is a humorous realization  that makes the viewer want to revisit the pictures with new information.  2015  22" x 22"