The tune from an ice cream truck is an amazing thing–it has the ability to  stop kids dead in their track, drop everything and burst into a frenzy to find  money and get to the curb. The excitement is unparalleled. But as we have  gotten older that excitement has been replaced with annoyance or  skepticism. The ultimate goal of this piece to to give adults the opportunity  to experience that lost excitement and to once again rush to the ice cream  truck.  2015  37” x 49.5” x 20.5”
 Ideas of the formal art world have  ingrained this idea the that art is  something that is holy, too precious for us  to touch. I believe the opposite.  With  Oh     shoot!  I want to flip that idea on its head.   When the viewer approaches the piece  the initial reaction is worry and dread for  the broken art, until they read the title of  the work and a sense of realization  occurs, revealing the humor of the work.    Oh shoot!  is a process piece in which,  during construction, I always had a  positive mindset, investing my own joy and  happiness into the piece.  Throughout the  run of the show the bits of broken shards  are take away pieces in hope to spread  that positive energy to the viewer.    2015  41.5” x 9.5” x 9.5”
   Jerry  is an exploration in kinetics,     working with hand cut, wooden     gears.  It is a piece that requires the    viewers interaction.      2012    42” x 24” x 5”
  A Pirate Ship’s struggle is a day in    the life of a pirate ship–whether     crossing the ocean or sailing the     seas, who knows when you’ll run into     a giant squid.       2012    39” x 52” x 7”